4 Unchangeable Facts About Change

  1. Things are going to change.
  2. Things need to change to get better.
  3. Things change for better or worse.
  4. Things change with or without you.

Some people don’t change until they suffer enough, they want to, experience enough they learn to or grow enough they are able too.  Suffering is a reality.  It happens everyday in the lives of everyone and there is nothing we can do about it.  We do not have to be defined by the bad experiences in our lives.  Nor, by the choices we have made.  You can use both good and bad experiences and learn from them.  You can initiate change for the better.  Why not start now?

None of us are promised tomorrow.  Make every second of your life count for something good.

Internal growth is a choice you make that affects external circumstances.  Position your heart so that change becomes something that is instinctive and not extinctive.  You will be surprised how much better your life becomes.  Change brings new life, new insights, new relationships, and hope for better tomorrows.

“You can’t change your past but you can change your future.”

Your past only has a future if you give it one.  Stop taking it into every new day and new relationship.  Leave it where it is supposed to stay and that is in the past.  Stop dragging it around like a ball and chain.  Leave it where it was meant to stay and step forward into your future.  Your soul will feel free again and you will have hope for brighter tomorrows.

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Brad Paisley to Donate “Old Alabama” Royalties to Tornado Victims

Brad Paisley to Donate “Old Alabama” Royalties to Tornado Victims.

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Inspiring Life Daily: Motivational Picture Quotes

Never doubt yourself.  Believe you can and you will.

Everyday is another chance to make a positive change to improve your life.

When life gets hard, you should pray about it.

Whatever happens, happens.  We must learn to take life for what it is, a series

of uncontrollable events that is out of our control.  So, we must learn to deal with it.

If you try and fail, you have succeeded at learning.

There are some people that are meant to be in our lives forever.  There are some that

are meant to be in our lives for awhile to encourage and inspire us.  To help us grow.  There are

those who are only in our lives for just a little while.  Just remember the good times you shared and what you

learned from them to help you progress in your dreams and aspirations.  That is what they were here for.

They are people.  Nourish your relation ships. Be good to those who care about

you the most.  Let them know you love them each and every day.  You never know what the next day, hour or

second may hold.

So, be brave.

It is never to late to turn your life around but do not waste another second.  Just do it.

You do not know what the next second may hold.

Dare to be different and never change who you are.

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How to give meaning to a meaningless life

The Purpose Driven Life book cover

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The greatest tragedy of life is for people to live and die and never come out of themselves, to never realize the possibilities hidden within them. Each time I come across people with huge potentials and who seem to be clueless about what to do with their innate abilities, my heart bleeds. To give meaning to your life you must live it on purpose. There is nothing as dangerous as living a life that has no bearing. Such a life will definitely be very boring.

The life we live can either have a meaning and purpose or not. The clearer your purpose in life is defined, the more fulfilled you will be as an individual. There is always another chance to pause and define the purpose of your life and give a meaning to your course.

How do you give meaning to a clueless life?

The way out is to discover who you are. When you know who you are it becomes easy to live a purpose-driven life. You would have discovered the purpose for which you are in this world.

So I want you to take time to ruminate over the following and answer them as truthfully as possible:

  1. Do I love where I am today?
  2. Am I in the job I would like to be in when I come of age?
  3. Am I using my natural talent to do what I love to do?
  4. Will I like to be the best of what I am doing today?
  5. What one thing do I need to do today to make the greatest change in my life?
  6. Who is doing something closest to my dream?
  7. What area will I like to make a positive impact?
  8. What will I like to be remembered for?
  9. What mind-blowing accomplishment will I want my name to be associated with?
  10. What do I do best with the least effort?
  11. What kind of help do people frequently ask from me?
  12. What is that area people show me the greatest respect?
  13. What can I do for fun and still earn money?
  14. What irritates me the most when it is poorly done?
  15. I usually lose track of time when ……………………
  16. Which of all the human needs touches my heart most?
  17. I am the solution, what is the problem?
  18. Who has this problem?
  19. Which books, magazines or discussions interest me the most?

If you can consciously and truthfully answer the questions above, you will discover your potentials and know exactly who you are. With this, you will have succeeded in giving meaning to your life, even if you had no clue before.

There is no limitation to what you can achieve in life when your mission is defined. When meaning is given to your life, then there is always a chance to start over. When you have failed on any project, it is your mission in life that will empower you to believe that you can start all over again.

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Improving Personal Development Tips

Cover of God Speaks

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Personal Development History

When we look in to the history of personality development, we find it contemporary with the beginning of Anthropologic establishment in the world. Personality development has been taken as the commonly accepted tradition by all cultures of the world. They have considered that the learning and the application of philosophy was the best method to achieve the state of a developed personality.
We have seen that all cultures have asserted and studied the personality development course as the main and important part of their education system. They have addressed it in very good words such morality and ethical approaches. For an example when we studied the holy book of Christians, the great Bible. We will see, the holy people have put some must do processes such as Faith, Hope, and Charity or love. It has been put with the intention to develop such great ethics in the humans.

Virtue Habitual Excellence

Virtue as defined by ancient Greeks was: The commitment to “habitual excellence”.
When we try to develop the our own personality, we used to get concerned and frustrated with the processes and the upcoming change in the personality and we get concerned with the fact that will the society like and appreciate your personality after doing such course or will reject commonly. We get frustrated that our family will appreciate our effort and spouse will love it or not. There are some common road blocks to a greater personality then before so we suggest you apply below defined personality development plan for your personality so that you can be free from all kind of frustration and live an stress free live. Here are five steps personality development techniques that will drag closure to your goal. You need to pen down your priorities; this will tell you about your existing priorities or should be priorities.

Five steps personality Development process. (Write your own priorities)

1. Try to be cool in stressful conditions
2. Increase the circle of friends.
3. Improve my memory recall ability.
4. Learn to talk and converse skillfully.
5. Increase my self-esteem

you should be making sure to yourself that all the aim which you’re written down is real and appealing. We suggest you to set a time limit for each goal you’re envisioned so that you can get them in time for your Personal Development. We all know that in the current age time is money so doing be extravagant in terms of time.
Now it tome to surprise your self by using your pen, for this you need to take another piece of paper and brain-storm ways in which you could achieve those goals in the time frame that you have set for yourself. You will get surprised when you will see the piece of paper and know that how much information actually flows from your mind when you put pen to paper.

At Once you completed review of your ideas and take a few of the best ones. Now take a ‘regular tasking chart’ for each day of the week ahead. It will cover tiny steps from the big decisions of your regular life. These different tasking may become a trouble for your life but as you started accepting them in your life they will not be a part of trouble any more.
In the conclusion we suggest you to congratulate yourself for each step taken and reflect on your progress about your Personal Development tips at the end of each day and at the end of each week.

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Motivational Quote of The Day

Henry David Thoreau, photograph taken in Augus...

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Motivational Quote of The Day

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The Quotations Page

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!  Live the life you’ve imagined.  As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862)

Quotations by Author

Henry David Thoreau

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Blog Topic Ideas That Rock!

Fail Blog

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Are you always looking for fresh, interesting, and fun blog topic ideas?  If so, allow me to share with you some of the best resources ever!

Blog Topic Idea Resources.  Here are my no fail blog topic ideas for articles sure to get your creative juices flowing:

  1. Content rich Blog Topic Ideas people search for everyday. Self-Improvement, DIY, Food and Drink, Making Money, Health, Personal Care, Relationships, Home and Garden, Children, and Parenting.
  2. Blog Topic Ideas from Monthly Calendar. Find a Free Lesson Plan website that you like and check out their monthly theme calendars.  You are sure to find your next post here!
  3. Keyword Research Tools. Two excellent keyword research tools to use are Wordtracker and Overture’s Keyword Inventory Tool.
  4. Newsletters and Trade Journals. Subscribe to email newsletters and ezines and offline publications for your topic ideas.
  5. Google News Alerts. This is a great source that allows you to subscribe to alerts via keyword choice.
  6. Press Release Alerts. Press releases are a great way to find out discoveries and advances in your field.
  7. Online Forums. You can get some of your best topic ideas from other professionals in your field.
  8. Seminars and Conferences. One of the best ways to keep up with new ideas and developments is to attend seminars and conferences related to your field.
  9. Blogs/Article Directories. Blogs are a great way to keep with hot topics of discussion.  A long list of blog directories can be found at the following:  http://www.masternewmedia.org/rss/top55/
  10. Spy on your competition. Check out your competitors business and websites.  Always remember to give credit and link back to your news resources that you site in your article.

If you would like to add to the list, I would love to hear your suggestions.  Be sure to comment back!

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