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Inspiring Life Daily: Motivational Picture Quotes

Never doubt yourself.  Believe you can and you will.

Everyday is another chance to make a positive change to improve your life.

When life gets hard, you should pray about it.

Whatever happens, happens.  We must learn to take life for what it is, a series

of uncontrollable events that is out of our control.  So, we must learn to deal with it.

If you try and fail, you have succeeded at learning.

There are some people that are meant to be in our lives forever.  There are some that

are meant to be in our lives for awhile to encourage and inspire us.  To help us grow.  There are

those who are only in our lives for just a little while.  Just remember the good times you shared and what you

learned from them to help you progress in your dreams and aspirations.  That is what they were here for.

They are people.  Nourish your relation ships. Be good to those who care about

you the most.  Let them know you love them each and every day.  You never know what the next day, hour or

second may hold.

So, be brave.

It is never to late to turn your life around but do not waste another second.  Just do it.

You do not know what the next second may hold.

Dare to be different and never change who you are.


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How to give meaning to a meaningless life

The Purpose Driven Life book cover

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The greatest tragedy of life is for people to live and die and never come out of themselves, to never realize the possibilities hidden within them. Each time I come across people with huge potentials and who seem to be clueless about what to do with their innate abilities, my heart bleeds. To give meaning to your life you must live it on purpose. There is nothing as dangerous as living a life that has no bearing. Such a life will definitely be very boring.

The life we live can either have a meaning and purpose or not. The clearer your purpose in life is defined, the more fulfilled you will be as an individual. There is always another chance to pause and define the purpose of your life and give a meaning to your course.

How do you give meaning to a clueless life?

The way out is to discover who you are. When you know who you are it becomes easy to live a purpose-driven life. You would have discovered the purpose for which you are in this world.

So I want you to take time to ruminate over the following and answer them as truthfully as possible:

  1. Do I love where I am today?
  2. Am I in the job I would like to be in when I come of age?
  3. Am I using my natural talent to do what I love to do?
  4. Will I like to be the best of what I am doing today?
  5. What one thing do I need to do today to make the greatest change in my life?
  6. Who is doing something closest to my dream?
  7. What area will I like to make a positive impact?
  8. What will I like to be remembered for?
  9. What mind-blowing accomplishment will I want my name to be associated with?
  10. What do I do best with the least effort?
  11. What kind of help do people frequently ask from me?
  12. What is that area people show me the greatest respect?
  13. What can I do for fun and still earn money?
  14. What irritates me the most when it is poorly done?
  15. I usually lose track of time when ……………………
  16. Which of all the human needs touches my heart most?
  17. I am the solution, what is the problem?
  18. Who has this problem?
  19. Which books, magazines or discussions interest me the most?

If you can consciously and truthfully answer the questions above, you will discover your potentials and know exactly who you are. With this, you will have succeeded in giving meaning to your life, even if you had no clue before.

There is no limitation to what you can achieve in life when your mission is defined. When meaning is given to your life, then there is always a chance to start over. When you have failed on any project, it is your mission in life that will empower you to believe that you can start all over again.

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How to Achieve Success

Albert Einstein

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Secrets to Success

How do you achieve success?

Albert Einstein said, “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”

There is no such thing as failure.  Two words that should not be part of your vocabulary are, “I failed.”  You have never failed if you learned a lesson from something.  The best things that we can ever hope to accomplish are all trial and error.  We just have to learn to look at things differently.

Meaning of Success

Success means different things for different people. It all depends on your goals and what you hope to achieve. Your goals change throughout your life. So will your ideas of success.

Here are some tips to help you stay on track:

  1. Think of your mistakes as learning in progress.
  2. Step outside of yourself and clearly assess what your skill level is and decide what you are capable of as an individual.  This is an invaluable skill to have.
  3. Correctly assess what your goal, once you look at your situation and decide what your skill set is, you will be better able to judge what your goal is and how attainable.
  4. Align your thinking with your goals.  Doubt and fear are incredibly powerful inhibitors.  Mixed with lack of clarity and misguided vision your goal is impossible.  Aligning your thoughts and goals is crucial to your success.
  5. Align your actions with your goals.  If you are not where you would like to be yet, you must formulate an action plan that will get you where you want to be.
  6. Align your environment with your goals.  The next time you are around family and friends tell them your goal and what it is you would like to do.
  7. Do not give up!  The importance of persistence is overlooked in society today.  We expect things to come to us too fast too soon and if it doesn’t we just give up.

You never know how close you are to succeeding.  You only know what you have done so far to get to where you are at.  Your goals, your hopes and your dreams could be just an hour away.  You will never know if you give in too soon.

Take a look at the list and then take a look at your life.  Focus on the things that must be changed to accomplish what you want and then take action to meet them.

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4 Key Steps To Success

These 4 key steps to success will give you clarity, focus, and direction you need for creating success in all areas of your life!

  1. Identify your values.  Values are those things that are important to us.  When we clearly find your values we become conscious of what is important to us.  Then we can align our actions and intentions with whats really important to us.  When our values are clear, our decisions are easy, and our direction is focused.
  2. Clarify your goals.  When it comes to achieving your goals, failure most often happens when you have not clearly defined what it is you truly want.  Identify what you want in each area of your life.  It is important to remember to be sure your goals are your own and not your mothers or spouses.
  3. Identify and dismantle your stoppers.  What is it that keeps you “stuck?”  Procrastination?  Fear?  A lack of time or money?  Brainstorm as many reasons that you can for not achieving your dreams.  Once you find your stoppers, it is important to dismantle them by accepting responsibility and moving past them.
  4. Take action.  Finally, take action today!  Without taking action you will not achieve your goals.  Take action everyday no matter how small the steps may seem.  Remember success is never an accident.

Take full responsibility for your future today by engaging in small steps to success.

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Stress Management Self-Care Tools

What are self-care tools?

Self-Care tools are essential for conquering stress.  They include managing stress, processing emotions, exercising the body, and exercising the mind.

Self-Care tools include getting enough sleep, proper nutrition, adequate social interaction, and spiritual practice.

Sound and Movement

Sound and movement tools provide an avenue for physical and emotional release.  Popular practices include dancing, singing, vocal toning, and drumming.

Contemplative Practices

Contemplative Practices make great self-care tools.  These simple mind-body practices are designed to quiet the mind and heighten awareness.  Often, they open us up to a larger spiritual experience, expanding the connection we feel with the world around us.  Some popular practices include yoga, walking the labyrinth, centered prayer, and nature based experiences.

Centering Practices

Centering Practices are similar to Contemplative Practices in that they are designed to quiet the mind and give us grounding.  Centering Practices give us a “home-base” to operate from.  They promote relaxation and stress reduction, and give us clarity and direction.  Some popular examples include journaling, visualization, and chakra toning.

Relaxation Techniques

Most of these are simple and highly accessible.  They include:

Bubble Baths, Hot tubs, and Saunas which work wonders.  Self-massage is also highly effective and easy to learn.

Start your self-care plan today!

The active use self-care tools is essential for living your best life.  Make sure you don’t overlook these simple, but powerful ways to create positive change.

Start a ritual and pick your favorite activity even if it is just 5 minutes in the morning or before bedtime to start.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Dance to your favorite song each morning.
  • Find a quiet place to meditate and visualize during lunch.
  • Journal for 5 or 10 minutes every night before bad.
  • Treat yourself to a bubble bath by candle light at least one time per week.
  • Start each morning with some vocal toning.  Do it while you’re in the shower to save time.
  • Give yourself a simple massage at least once per day.
  • Add affordable fountains to your living space.

These simple practices will work wonders for the body and the mind–but only if you use them!


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What is Self-Improvement?

Self-Improvement is a journey into our fears, our hopes, and our habitual patterns of thinking and behaving that keeps us from true success in our personal and professional lives.

What keeps us from success?

What keeps you from being the person you want to be?

  • Do you feel stressed out and overworked?
  • Do you wish you had more time and energy?
  • Do you wish you could make money doing what you love?
  • Do you lack organization?
  • Do you want to improve relationships?
  • Do you want to transcend negativity and self-defeat?
  • Do you want to get back on track and pursue the life you really want?

The path to success.

The journey to personal success is not always easy.

Personal Development involves addressing areas of our lives that we had rather turn a blind eye to.  It involves letting go of unproductive behavior and toxic relationships and moving towards new routines and healthy relationships.  It requires determination.  Determination to be completely honest with ourselves and others, no matter how painful.

Conscious commitment to self-improvement is the ingredient that allows us to move past self-defeating tactics and take decisive action.

What action do I take?

Here is what you have to learn:

  • Define your vision of success.
  • Streamline your potential.
  • Maximize your resources.
  • Conquer fear and procrastination.
  • Create action plan.
  • Eliminate negative thinking and self-sabotage.
  • Avoid common success mistakes.

Remember, it is all up to you and no one else.  You can do it.

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6 Life Changing Personal Development Habits

The basics of Personal Development is changing your habits.  Everything we do is the result of a habit that was taught to us.  Unfortunately not all of them were good.  That is what we are trying to change.

If you can change just one small thing per day, you will improve your life.

Personal Development Habits:

  1. Read one book per week.  This keeps your brain active and healthy.
  2. Solve Puzzles.  This is exercise for your brain.
  3. Think Positively.  You are what you think.
  4. Make fast decisions.  Instead of dwelling on something for an hour or two.  Make fast decisions.
  5. Wait before buying.  Wait at least 48 hours before buying anything.  This is a tremendous money saver.
  6. Meditate 30 minutes everyday.  A great way to gain clearness and peace is to meditate 30 minutes daily.  This isn’t alot of time but enough to get you started.

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