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4 Unchangeable Facts About Change

  1. Things are going to change.
  2. Things need to change to get better.
  3. Things change for better or worse.
  4. Things change with or without you.

Some people don’t change until they suffer enough, they want to, experience enough they learn to or grow enough they are able too.  Suffering is a reality.  It happens everyday in the lives of everyone and there is nothing we can do about it.  We do not have to be defined by the bad experiences in our lives.  Nor, by the choices we have made.  You can use both good and bad experiences and learn from them.  You can initiate change for the better.  Why not start now?

None of us are promised tomorrow.  Make every second of your life count for something good.

Internal growth is a choice you make that affects external circumstances.  Position your heart so that change becomes something that is instinctive and not extinctive.  You will be surprised how much better your life becomes.  Change brings new life, new insights, new relationships, and hope for better tomorrows.

“You can’t change your past but you can change your future.”

Your past only has a future if you give it one.  Stop taking it into every new day and new relationship.  Leave it where it is supposed to stay and that is in the past.  Stop dragging it around like a ball and chain.  Leave it where it was meant to stay and step forward into your future.  Your soul will feel free again and you will have hope for brighter tomorrows.


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6 Life Changing Personal Development Habits

The basics of Personal Development is changing your habits.  Everything we do is the result of a habit that was taught to us.  Unfortunately not all of them were good.  That is what we are trying to change.

If you can change just one small thing per day, you will improve your life.

Personal Development Habits:

  1. Read one book per week.  This keeps your brain active and healthy.
  2. Solve Puzzles.  This is exercise for your brain.
  3. Think Positively.  You are what you think.
  4. Make fast decisions.  Instead of dwelling on something for an hour or two.  Make fast decisions.
  5. Wait before buying.  Wait at least 48 hours before buying anything.  This is a tremendous money saver.
  6. Meditate 30 minutes everyday.  A great way to gain clearness and peace is to meditate 30 minutes daily.  This isn’t alot of time but enough to get you started.

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10 Practical Habits That Will Change Your Life

Everything we do is the result of a habit that was before taught to us.  As we all know, not all habits are good.

Here are 10 Practical Habits That Will Change Your Life:

  1. Exercise 30 minutes everyday.  30 minutes is the least for optimal health.
  2. Eat breakfast everyday.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Why do we skip it?
  3. Sleep 8 hours.  You make think you are gaining hours by sleeping less when really all you are gaining is stress and fatigue.
  4. Don’t eat junk food.  This is the best way to put on added pounds.
  5. Eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables everyday.  This is the portion usually recommended by health professionals.
  6. Eat fish.  Fish is rich in Omega 3 and other healthy elements.  Usually once per week is enough.
  7. Drink one glass of water every morning when you wake up.  When you wake up your body is dehydrated and needs liquid.  Try to drink water throughout your day.
  8. Keep your body clean.  You don’t have to spend your whole day in front of the mirror but come on people cleanliness is godliness.
  9. Avoid Coke products.  These are the most unhealthy drinks you can buy.
  10. If you smoke, stop it.  We can do it.

Get started today implementing these habits.  You will be glad you did!  What are some habits that you need to change?  Please share!


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