Stress Management Self-Care Tools

What are self-care tools?

Self-Care tools are essential for conquering stress.  They include managing stress, processing emotions, exercising the body, and exercising the mind.

Self-Care tools include getting enough sleep, proper nutrition, adequate social interaction, and spiritual practice.

Sound and Movement

Sound and movement tools provide an avenue for physical and emotional release.  Popular practices include dancing, singing, vocal toning, and drumming.

Contemplative Practices

Contemplative Practices make great self-care tools.  These simple mind-body practices are designed to quiet the mind and heighten awareness.  Often, they open us up to a larger spiritual experience, expanding the connection we feel with the world around us.  Some popular practices include yoga, walking the labyrinth, centered prayer, and nature based experiences.

Centering Practices

Centering Practices are similar to Contemplative Practices in that they are designed to quiet the mind and give us grounding.  Centering Practices give us a “home-base” to operate from.  They promote relaxation and stress reduction, and give us clarity and direction.  Some popular examples include journaling, visualization, and chakra toning.

Relaxation Techniques

Most of these are simple and highly accessible.  They include:

Bubble Baths, Hot tubs, and Saunas which work wonders.  Self-massage is also highly effective and easy to learn.

Start your self-care plan today!

The active use self-care tools is essential for living your best life.  Make sure you don’t overlook these simple, but powerful ways to create positive change.

Start a ritual and pick your favorite activity even if it is just 5 minutes in the morning or before bedtime to start.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Dance to your favorite song each morning.
  • Find a quiet place to meditate and visualize during lunch.
  • Journal for 5 or 10 minutes every night before bad.
  • Treat yourself to a bubble bath by candle light at least one time per week.
  • Start each morning with some vocal toning.  Do it while you’re in the shower to save time.
  • Give yourself a simple massage at least once per day.
  • Add affordable fountains to your living space.

These simple practices will work wonders for the body and the mind–but only if you use them!


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