Acts of Kindness For Kids: 10 Ways to Get Them Started

“An act of kindness is something the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”      Mark Twain

No one could have said it better than Mark Twain.  There is no better time to teach your kids about kindness then when they are young.

Here are 10 ideas your kids can do for others:

  1. Tell someone they are special.
  2. Write a note to their teacher, principal, janitor, or lunch room worker to let them know they are appreciated.
  3. Write a letter to a friend or class mate, highlighting their strengths.
  4. Remember that words are powerful say something to someone you know they want to hear–or need to hear.
  5. They can offer to wash their dog or their neighbors dog.
  6. Bake cookies and let your child take to someone who is homebound.
  7. Take pictures your child has drawn or colored to people in the nursing home to brighten their day.
  8. Give winter coats or other clothing items to someone less fortunate.
  9. Do something nice for someone while they are ill– mow their yard, rake leaves, or even tidy up their house.
  10. Send a card to someone in the military overseas.

The best example in children to in learning kindness is for the adults in their lives to show generosity of spirit, good deeds, and acts of service.

What are some other ways we can get our children involved? Please comment back with your ideas!


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