Inspiring Change Daily: Finish Your Unfinished Projects

Inspiration for positive life change:  Finish all your unfinished projects before starting another project

My issues have issues when it comes to today’s suggestion for change.  What unfinished projects do you have to complete before starting another?  How many unfinished projects do you have?  Right now?  If your one of those lucky person’s who does everything right, you may not have any unfinished projects at all.  What project do you wish to tackle next?



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3 responses to “Inspiring Change Daily: Finish Your Unfinished Projects

  1. nice words Nicole. Got to look deep into my projects and see what and what i still have to put some final to

    • Thank you very much! I am horrible where this one is concerned. I have lot’s of unfinished projects! The one’s that do not get finished today are not going to get finished at all–I’m scrapping the idea if I can’t finish today! Hope you have the best day ever!!

  2. Yes, everyone has important projects that are either half started or half finished. have time, you can visit my blog. I’ve got a new post that you will like…cheers and hope view your comment s.

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